Here Are Some More Testimonials:

“Jason is amazing with dogs our meg took to home straight away. YOU have helped us a lot thank you.” Sharon, Burnley

“Jason was great with our very energetic Labrador and obtained results with him within minutes. The training techniques are easy to understand and whilst we continue to train, they have made a real difference so far.” Claire, Offerton

“I was feeling desperate when I contacted Jason for my cocker spaniel’s anxiety and incessant barking. The advice I received has been a lifeline and although we aren’t there yet we are making headway.
Jason has a wealth of knowledge underpinning his practice and it’s comforting to know help is at the other end of the phone. In the past I have appointed behaviourists who were a lot cheaper but as the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for ‘. I would not hesitate to contact Jason if you are experiencing a problem with your best ‘furry’ friend.” Judith, Hurstead

“I have a puppy which had servere separation anxiety. It was impossible to get him to sleep at night, he was also urinating and defecating due to stress. Life has change dramatically after just one session of training with Jason. I have followed his advise and have a much calmer dog. I also called Jason to help with recall when off lead walking. It has been about 2 months since the training session I take my dogs out at least twice a day for off lead walks. Each time I have been able to recall the dog and have him back on his lead within minuets where as before training I was chasing him for up to an hour to get him on lead. It is still ongoing training each day but I am maintaining the training and have a much calmer dog now. I would highly recommend Jason and will not hesitate to contact him in the future if I need more help.” Jacqui, Tottington

“I had the opportunity to witness Jason as he was training owners and their dog at Tandle Hills Royton, I was very impressed with his calm attitude.
The training session we had with Jason was extremely beneficial. It can be hard work putting into practice, but with perseverance we hope to achieve a calm, happy young dog.
Without the training from Jason I would never have realised we were actually doing some things wrong, even with having a dog in the past.
I would highly recommend Jason and his training techniques, and can verify how good training when puppies are young is essential.” Debra, Buersil

“I was really pleased with the training session with Jason, he was reading my dog from the moment he met her, telling me why she was doing certain things and reading her body language, I found it so interesting, all the advice he gave me and training methods I have put into practice and iv seen such I big improvement in my dogs behaviour, she isn’t 100% there yet but has improved so much in a short time and if I carry on with his advice I know her problem will be resolved.
I would definitely recommend Jason to anyone who is needing help with there dog, his friendly approach and the way he was relaxed around my dog really helped the session go smoothly and it was very enjoyable, he has so much knowledge he’s definitely the person to call if you need a dog behaviourist.” Heidi, Langsett

“It was very reassuring to meet Jason. He was professional in his approach and made us feel that we would sort our dog’s problem. We are working on the email training but introducing them one at a time. We are extremely grateful to Jason , would use his services again and would definitely recommend him to other owners. Thank you.” Nancy, Astley Bridge

“Very friendly chap, who knows his stuff and left me with plenty to get on with. I have definitely put his advice into practice. I will continue to do so.” Fiona, Netherthong

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