Simply Dog Behaviour Testimonials

Here Are Some More testimonials:

“Jason was a amazing at achieving results very quickly. Gave me clear instructions to follow to continue the training for my dog. I am now a few months on from Jason’s last visit and Buddy is 100% at not pulling me when walking and he is walking calmly and appropriately with another dog. Yes it has taken work which Jason does tell you and shows you what you need to do clearly. Buddy also liked Jason. Jason is a very calm person and I felt more relaxed with Buddy after his visits. I would recommend Jason 100%” Linda, Prescot

“We have found Jason to be of excellent service, clear and concise. Jason supplied us with regular updates via email and is always available at the end of the phone for help. Jason has given us the confidence and understanding, in knowing why our dog reacts to other dogs around, and of their reaction to our dog. We found Jason to listen carefully to all of our concerns, and provide us with a solution to which our dog responds. We feel the 2hr training slot was just the right amount of training period, for us the owners and the dog. We are now experiencing the joy of owning a dog, which we can now begin to feel in full control when other dogs are in his company. Jason is a calm, softly spoken man who makes you feel happy, relaxed and at ease, this makes the whole experience of owning a dog enjoyable. Thank you Jason for all your help. We highly recommend Jason for anyone needing his type of service in bringing about both a happy dog and owner.” Christine & Graham, Royton

“Jason is very good. I told him what was wrong with my dog, he then show me how to go about stopping what she was doing with good clear advice and showing me what to do. I certainly would recommend Jason to anybody who’s having trouble with a dog” Philip, Droylsden

“Jason has given us the dogs we always wanted – calm, affectionate, and most importantly, happy in themselves. From day one it felt like we had an insurmountable task ahead of us, but Jason’s advice not to look for changes daily, but to video behaviour and reflect back on it two weeks later allowed us to see the mammoth improvements that were being made in the bigger picture, rather than getting stressed and worn down by one particular bad behaviour that wasn’t going right on that particular day. We are still definitely a work in progress, but Jason has given us the skills and the confidence to continue on this journey alone, and allow our dogs to grow and thrive as we become better owners. It has been worth every penny, and I wouldn’t hesitate to call him back in the future if any further problems arrive – I just worry he’s so good at his job that’s unlikely to happen now!” Katy, Todmorden

“I learned a lot from Jason both about my dog and myself, how to handle her properly and read some body language. we have progressed brill and having great times together. I have mentioned Jason to other dog owners down marina cos they can see first hand how well behaved my dogs are, told them if they need him, he the one to call, I’m very very pleased indeed.” Brian, Swinton

“To be honest I didn’t think Alfies behaviour would change but I can honestly say with all the advise & tips we have seen a massive improvement..i would Definitely recommend you. Alfie is getting better slowly as I said previously he’s my mum’s dog & she just needs to be encouraged to carry on (we are winning) he still doesn’t like the postman but I have faith we will get there . Gave some amazing advise ..Thank you from all of us..he is much calmer.” Sharon and Joyce, Salford

“Sam and Ben have come on leaps and bounds since the training sessions and the emails especially lead pulling after buying the xtra dog harnesses. I could not have come this far without all your help and emails which i have kept so i can refer back to if needed. You are an inspiration to all dog owners. Regards Muriel” Muriel, Norden

“Jason understood what my dog Harry needed and gave very simple doable advice, we have had a couple of hiccups along the way but we can keep starting over. Jason was only here to help Harry but interacted with our other dog Bonnie and included her in the training. I would recommend Jason to other dog owners, he’s warm , friendly and approachable and his training works. I wouldn’t hesitate in using Jason again if Harry needed him especially after another trainer hinted that I should get rid of Harry before he’d even met him ! Thanks Jason for your help.” Kathie, Bolton

“Jason knew exactly what was wrong with Maggie from the moment we met as she is stressed and jealous of our new puppy. He had showed us how to work with her in a very calm manner and we are putting everything into place that we have been taught during our two sessions with him.I can say this past week we are finally getting there. His emails and constant support are unbelievable. Thank you Jason.. Your help was beyond our expectations.” Dave and Wendy, Heapey

“Jason is really nice person new exactly what to do to help me and my dog. He is always their to help with any questions. I might have couldn’t of done it with out him and can’t thank him enough for is help” Carla, Batley

“Really great help when you have a new puppy. Jason’s service is invaluable.” Angela, Wilmslow

“Jason you were fantastic from walking into our home to leaving. Your knowledge about behaviour was vast and very helpful and i would recommend you anytime.” Joanne, Loveclough

“Jason is very knowledgeable and very easy to work with.  He understands dogs very well and has been a fantastic help with us and our American bulldog Johnny Cash. I would recommend Jason’s services to anyone who needs help understanding their dogs and help with training them and equally important training the owners also. 5 star dog Behaviourist.” Simon, Howick Cross

“Jason was a God send, his techniques are fantastic and he made think of how a dog thinks which made it easier to understand, my dog is so much better now and we still are using all the techniques. Also a very friendly man which I would recommend to others.” Megan, Stalybridge

“Very helpful, gave clear instructions, was very good with my dog.” Eleanor, Blacko

“Jason has helped greatly in showing me how to deal with my dog when he is reacting to stress” Maria, Macclesfield

“Jason was so helpful and showed me the techniques I needed to help train my dog and the emails are very helpful indeed.” Megan, Stalybridge

“Jason’s instruction and explanation of dog behaviour was clear and illuminating. He was calm and patient with our dog -and us!” Elaine, Heapey

Simply Dog Behaviour Testimonials

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