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“I have had Benji since May and before Jason came to see us Benji never slept in the day but now has naps throughout the day.

I couldn’t take Benji out for walks but now I can. Jason is very easy to get in touch with and give me advice if I need it. Jason is an amazing behaviourist and I would recommend him to anyone.

I couldn’t believe the difference in Benji even after the first session. He was much calmer, I find the emails I have received from Jason very helpful and always look at them everyday.” Erica, Kettlethorpe

“Jason was really good at teaching us how to deal with charlie’s barking. He was professional and caring towards my dog.” Jane, Pendlebury

“Needed help from Jason regarding my dogs issue with wanting to chase and attack cars and other fearful behaviour. Jason immediately understood my dogs problems and was able to clearly communicate to us how to help him with his issues. With Jason’s training tips and further emails and videos my dog has changed loads and is now a pleasure to walk. I would definitely recommend Simply Dog Behaviour for your dog. Thanks Jason.” Paula, Failsworth

“Jason is very professional and quickly won the trust of our rescue dog. In the time he was at our home he worked with us and our dog and even during one visit Tara showed progress. He explained what to do clearly and gave the reasons why the training would work. He motivated us to work with Tara, a rescue dog, and it was a very informative and enjoyable experience.” Iris, Rose Hill

“I haven’t used all info given yet as needed to concentrate on most important before going to lesser important. These are things we, (Jack & I) can carry on into the future. Our experiences with Jason have been totally life changing. Although Jack is not totally where I wish him to be, the difference in his anxiety levels are incredible. My neighbours & other dog walkers have noticed a major difference in his demeanor. I was proud of him before but since we began my expectations have been surmounted only by the love I receive from Jack & knowing he is becoming the dog, HE, wants to be. Thanks so much Jason from us both.” Chrissy, Rawthorpe

“Great training, kind and sympathetic and the methods make sense.” Geraldine, Royton

“Excellent dog trainer, friendly and helpful and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him!” Jane, Stalybridge

“Jason made it clear that the solution to our dogs barking problem was “simple” and putting into practice these “simple” training techniques means Bella is well under way to kicking her habit! Like anything, it’s about consistency and we know the blips we have had are down to our lack of this. All in all a great training session, great tips and great guy, offering to be on hand by phone or email if needed too is a plus!” Natalie, Hapton

“Very impressed with Jason, he got a less than warm (to put it mildly)welcome from Zelda, my German Shepherd, who has issues with unfamiliar people entering the house. Within a few minutes Jason was able to sit on the floor stroking Zelda as if they had known each other for years. Great advice also when out on a walk and meeting other dogs off lead, I have much more confidence in Zelda and myself now.” Chris, Middleton

“Jason showed me how to understand my dogs needs & how to correct is faults. All his emails have worked, some are useful for future reference. When I start having problems with my dog I just look back on the emails & see how to correct it. Jason was great with me aswell as my dog.” Joanna, Stalybridge

“Jason’s insight was just what we needed…I feel however more commitment is needed from ourselves is needed to get Maisie where she needs to be….the information emails are all useful and Valid, excellent service.” Louise, Shipley

“Jason has provided really useful tips and advice, the information in the emails is very easy to understand and the way things are explained really do help to understand why my dog does some of the things she does and have really helped me to correct some of her behaviours. I would highly recommend Jason.” Nicola, Newhey

“Fantastic service. Jason was so calm with Archie and put us at ease immediately. All training has been put into practise and we can see a huge difference already. We can’t believe how well it’s worked.” Georgia, Ashton-On-Ribble

“The minute Jason walked through our front door our mischievous lab pup took note. The way she reacted to his instructions all be it with treats was amazing and inspired us with confidence to train our pup. We have continued to follow his ways and our pup is now becoming the dog we dreamed we would have.” Doreen, Wilpshire

“Jason arrived promptly and listened to all of our concerns in detail. He spent alot of time explaining how to help with our dog’s anxiety and de sensitization. Even after a few days were are seeing a big improvement. You have given us more confidence and understanding of our beautiful rescue dog.” Claire, Wythenshawe

“We are impressed with your knowledge and your calm approach to the training. You have given us a lot to work with in the e-mails and we will keep up the good work. It is so reassuring that we can come back to you with any problems. Thanks for all your help.” Sue & Alan, Shaw

“Good simple advice. Has made a big difference to our dogs behaviour and our understanding of the issues. Would recommend.” Helena, Milnrow

“Great service very clearly put across very easy to understand and always puts the dog first thanks Jason” Mike, Little Hulton

“Very professional service from Jason. Our re_homed dog reacted badly to other dogs and our lack of experience didn’t help! Jason’s calm approach gave us more confidence to be able to help her and she is gradually improving.” Jane, Halifax

“Helpful guidance. Taught me much about dog language.” Francis, Chadderton

“Jason helped us initially with how to communicate with Peppa which helped us greatly. His emails and advice has been beneficial to all of us as a family and we continue to practice daily what we’ve learned.” Lisa, Horwich

“Really good service, I was impressed with Jason’s knowledge and how quickly I was able to help my dog following his advice and I have already recommended his service to others.” Jade, Ashton

“Jason is an excellent trainer, he teaches you while training your dog, he is friendly and offers lots of insight and knowledge of dog behaviour” Jayne, Runcorn

“Jason immediately put us and our dog manni at ease from day one. He treated our 3 year old adopted boxer dog Manni with kindness and patience with no shouting or harsh training. Manni had fear issues with strangers, other dogs , basically the outside world. He has improved tremendously in a month and we will continue to work on the training. If you are committed to follow the training you will succeed. Thank you Jason.” Karen & John, Baxenden

Simply Dog Behaviour Testimonials

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