Preston dog trainer and behaviouristHere Are some more testimonials that I have received:

From the onset of the meeting it was obvious that Jason’s training programme was one of observation of Alfies behaviour and mannerisms and to provide support to us in changing some of our methods of dealing with Alfies behaviour. We were given some really good advise on how to control his barking and being more sociable with visitors and Jason demonstrated how to do it. And it works!  The follow up communication form Jason is brilliant and you know he is there if you need him. 

Wish I had gone to him ages ago, he has a calm and relaxed approach to training and leaves you wanting to succeed in your part of the training” Sue, Luzley Brook, Royton


“Jason was great from our first point of contact over email to meeting him in person, he completely understands Dogs and their needs but also doesn’t judge you as owners (most of our issues were because of us as owners). He asked us questions to get a better picture of our situation and dog then told us what needed tackling and how we can go about it – but also stressed that he would send us emails with all the details.

The emails are a great tool as they give you focus on what to do and when so you can build on your training.

Jason obviously loves dogs and understand them – he was great with our Bulldog and made sure our dog was comfortable throughout his visit. Jason gave us lots of quick easy training to do which we saw improvement there and then.

Our dog had a number of training issues which with the training Jason gave us (both for us and dog) have helped and we have seen improvements already (within the first week)

The session with Jason was run great, keeping us interested and our dog, but also not too much at once for us to take in.

I would highly recommend Jason to anyone looking for guidance with their dog and would not have to think twice about using Jason again.

He is great with dogs and a great support to us as owners both over the phone and email – Jason is always there for you when you need him.

Our Bulldog is a different dog to the one we had before Jason came – he is much calmer and not stressed at all now.

I can not recommend Jason enough and the service he provides.

Thanks for all your help Jason”. Andrea, John and Albert the dog!, Shaw

“I found your help brilliant and the training good. You are such a caring man with dogs. I have passed your details on to a friend who is in need of help with their dog” Pauline, Sudden

“I contacted Jason about our dog Charlie (he’s a Jack Russell cross). He goes nuts if any new people enter our home–barking for long periods of time at the newcomer. He’s also not great with unfamiliar dogs either! I was quite nervous about how Charlie would react to Jason,but I found Jason to be a very calming influence. Jason went through Charlie’s history and then we went straight onto training. Myself & Jason also took Charlie to the local park to do some outside training but with it being a freezing day there weren’t many other dogs out to practise with! From the outset I found Jason to be clear & consise on his instructions on how to train,I felt he understood Charlie and why he was such a nervous dog. I didn’t feel stupid or undermined by Jason but felt he listened and gave the best advice & training possible. If I had unlimited funds I’d love to have Jason here every week for extra training! When I first looked into getting a behaviourist for Charlie ally of people said I didn’t need to,but I feel Jason has helped me to understand Charlie more. His training is ongoing and I’m trying my hardest to do as much as possible with Charlie. I can’t recommend Jason highly enough. Regards Susan Rooney & Charlie x” Susan, Heaton, Bolton

“Our dog, an English Bull Terrier, was 7 months old when we contacted Jason. We wanted advice on how to introduce him to guests in our home and how to solve problems around food and bed guarding. The session was very clear and we were able to put some strategies into place straight away. Monty is now great with visitors in our home and we noticed improvements straight away. I would definitely recommend Jason and if you’re having problems get in touch sooner rather than later as you will notice a difference after the first visit!” Jen, Alkrington, Middleton.

“I used Jason as my sister had previously, so I had seen how he works and from what he achieved with their dog was fantastic, as the work he has done for us” Ellen, Oakenshaw

“Good opportunity for training at home and to develop puppy skills from an early age”. Vicky, Chadderton

“My dog Chase is a work in progress, I have had three sessions with Jason now and I have a completely different dog. He still has issues but Jason is giving me the skills and methods I need to help him overcome them. Not only do I see a difference but people who we see out walking have commented on how well he is coming along.
I would recommend Jason to anybody and love that his methods not only work but use positive reinforcement and no harsh training methods”. Michelle, Gee Cross

“Jason was very understanding about the problems we had been experiencing with our dog. He was supportive throughout and even after a day or so I felt the unwanted dog behaviours had already improved vastly. We began to enjoy walks again”! Susan, Royton

Firstly thank you Jason our puppy Henry is almost 6 months and doing fantastic, he is settled,calm and very responsive to all commands. We couldn’t of done it without you and your regular check-ins to see how it was going and responding with instructions if we were still struggling slightly, that was a god send. I would say to any owner of a puppy it’s hard work but with Jason’s help it really only does get better, you need to understand your dog to understand how to train them. Give your dog the best chance of a really good start and learn from Jason ASAP. Kelly, Rochdale

“On both talking over the phone and later meeting with Jason we felt relaxed and comfortable with his level of knowledge and attitude towards us all.
Even though we knew that it was not just our dog that needed help but ourselves as well, his calm and explanatory methods quickly gave us all new confidence.
Whilst we know that our collie cross will never be a confident lady and will remain fearful of so many things we now feel that we have have a greater understanding of reading her body language and consequently helping her faster.
Also the amount of information that Jason sends by email as well as sites he has given links to is quite impressive.” Linda, Nangreaves, Bury


“Jason explained why our dog Charlie behaved the way he did and gave us instructions on how to train him to correct the behaviour (excessive barking).  Charlie is learning as we are being consistent with the training method and we are hopeful that eventually he will no longer exhibit this annoying behaviour. Jason made the session fun and interesting and we would not hesitate to recommend him to others with dog behaviour problems. We also know that we can contact him at any time should we need to do so”. Sue and Phil, Oldham

Jason was perfectly suited to training our Finish Spits, he was kind but firm always putting the dog first and understanding the problems quickly. His on going training is a constant help to both dog and owner. I would highly recommend him and i am sure that no other trainer could give more satisfaction under sometimes difficult circumstances. Thank you Jason for all your help and advice it is greatly appreciated. Heather, Eccleston, Chorley

Jason was fantastic and really helped was here for two hours and can definitely understand my dog better now Jason explained how their brain works. Alfie already seems calmer and realise its up to us as owners to be trained just as much as training your dog or puppy.  I think Jason really knows his stuff and it didn’t take long for Alfie to give up some of his bad behaviour during the training obviously we will continue to work on this and I would definitely recommend Jason to family and friends in the future and the report given is excellent to keep referring to as and when needed best money I have spent happy dog happy owners Thank you very much for all your help. Tracey, Rochdale dog training, Rochdale

Delivered at a good pace, easy to understand. Gave me and Sarah confidence which we needed. When we first met I asked would I be able to have my dog off lead to which you replied yes, no problem, at the time i  didn’t believe it but within a month he was playing off lead with other dogs. It’s been good to learn what to look out for such as arching and head turns, really interesting. Mike, Rochdale

We bought a puppy at five months old and soon found a problem with taking him out, he would growl and bark when he met other dogs, we struggled to work out what the problem was, people said he was aggressive.
I searched on line for a solution and eventually found Jason and although sceptical as to whether he could help, contacted Jason, I am so glad I did, he came and said that Zak was not aggressive but didn’t know how to meet dogs, we went out for a walk to the park to find dogs and we did, I wasn’t used to going into parks and not confident around other dogs, but we spent an hour in there, and I walked Zak past other dogs with Jason who is so calm which made me calm and it was brilliant .
We followed Jason’s recommendations and over the next 7 weeks the change was amazing, Jason has kept in touch and we have his number if we need to ask any questions, Zak can now meet dogs with no problem even plays with them, and I have the confidence to meet dogs with Zak something I have never done with any of the other dogs we have had.
So thank you Jason we now have a happy dog. Geraldine, Chadderton
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