Holmfirth dog trainer and behaviourist

Look at what other previous clients have had to say…

“Jason’s way of teaching is very simple and easy to follow, showed us every step of the way how to help our lead reactive Saluki!

Went away after our a 2 hour session armed with so much knowledge to help our boy. 6 weeks of putting it all into practice and the difference is amazing, walks are now fun again instead of being dreaded. Has made such a massive difference, Ralph looks so much calmer. Still a little way to go yet but 100% sure we will get there with all we have learnt…

Would be happy to recommend to anyone looking for help!” Jodie, Ramsbottom

“Jason is fantastic at what he does and gave us lots of insight into why Ronnie behaves the way he does. Progress is slow as Ronnie has multiple behaviours that need addressing but everyday we have little breakthroughs and the e-mails are so helpful, i could never of remembered all the info Jason gave us on the day, would definitely recommend Jason to family and friends” Julie, Bolton

“Jason spent a couple of hours assessing Lincoln my 1yr bulldog cross and observed him closely before reaching a conclusion on the triggers for the behaviour.

Lincoln found it difficult to calm himself and became overstimulated causing him to have crazy and possible dangerous behaviour. This was a major concern for us making us anxious around him and others.

Lincoln has come on so well with Jason’s techniques and guidance and has educated us on how us as owners can help our beloved dogs by changing our behaviour and rewarding the positive behaviours with reinforcement, and Jason’s techniques on how to deal with the unwanted behaviour which in Lincoln’s case was quite a lot.

We are continuing these techniques and we can already see a massive difference, I feel much more confident around Lincoln and the bond development is amazing, Knowing Jason provides aftercare prior to our session is reassuring also as any questions needed he will try his best to give his advice Thankyou so much Jason” Michele, Stockport

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