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“Jason is so so good. My dog has improved so much and it’s handy to have him on hand for any help I may need” Sophie, Haslingden

“Jason helped us tremendously with our rescue dog who was terrified of the outside world and lead reactive with other dogs. Training Jason gave me was so helpful and over 4 months we had a massive improvement.” Ericka, Rossendale

“Jason was fab and we have recommended him to a few friends… He knows his stuff and was really helpful” Charlotte, Haslingden

“Wonderful and helpful and professional service” Norma, Bolton

“Jason arrived on time and immediately demonstrated one of the areas of training we wanted, and it worked. An excellent 1.5 hours in the home where, it was a case of explanation, demonstration practice. All topic worked as Jason described, all be it our Cockapoo did need a few, in some cases more than a few, attempts to get the idea. A very informative 1.5 hours but delivered in a very easy to understand way. The follow up emails, videos and links very useful, allows you to build up your own library and revisited any topics you need. Most interesting suggestion to us was feeding from a Large Kong, we were sceptical but Ollie loves eating from it and it does make him eat in a more controlled manner with a bit of play as well. Jason was thorough on the day and in follow up, we would not hesitate in recommending him to family and friends, although as Jason reminded us a number of times, training and teaching your dog is a never ending cycle.” Ronald, Leyland

“Jason was punctual and more than helpful with our situation with our rescue dog. His knowledge on dog behaviour is exceptional and he clearly cares for them as well. Although our dog still has some issues he is far better than he was thanks to Jason.” Adele, Oldham

“I reached out to Jason for some help with my dog who can often get aggressive towards other dogs as well as some resource guarding behaviour in the home. After a couple of sessions with Jason, the issues have improved massively as well as my confidence in how to deal with them.

Jason is also very approachable and happy to answer any questions you have after the sessions.

Would highly recommend!!” Michael, Rochdale

“Jason is very professional and takes the time to learn about your issue prior the session, so when you have the session its straight into the training and not wasting time on what you want. You can contact him anytime after your session with any problems and he always responds. I had 2 behaviourists prior to Jason and I wish I had him from the start. I can only stress seek Jason for your training or behaviour issues.” Karen, Radcliffe

“Jason is so gentle and calm during training sessions . Huxley took to him within minutes .
Jason is extremely patient! He listens to what you have to say and he never tells you that you are doing things wrong. He tries to give you confidence to do the training yourself by modelling what to do then letting you have a go !
Jason is punctual and reliable and the time he spends with you he makes sure that every minute he is with you isn’t wasted. He is very friendly and makes the training fun !
Huxley is a rescue dog . He wasn’t good on the lead or with other dogs.
He is so much better now but Jason has taught us that you just have to repeat things over and over.
He has given us so much advice and sent helpful emails too! When we had bad days or there was an incident Jason was there to reassure us .
Jason made us realise that actually dog training isn’t something that you can do overnight but you have to keep trying over and over again and be consistent .
Huxley is so much better than he was and he responds to us so much more than he did .This has helped us to build a stronger relationship with Huxley and understand him better.
Knowing that that we can always call Jason if we need extra support is also reassuring .
We are very grateful to Jason for all his help” Helen, Ashton

“The training, information and advice Jason has given us has been fundamental to changing both our and our dogs behaviour. Still working on all aspects of dog/people training with some areas showing massive improvement” Jenny, Shaw

“Very prompt, good with the dog and explained what he was doing and why, excellent service” Bernice, Rochdale

“I would highly recommend Jason. I contacted him 6 months ago when my rescue dog Bruce was very reactive on his lead (to other dogs, and people), and I felt unable to take him out for walks. I’ve just read my own questionnaire from before our first session. When asked about my training goals; “More confidence in myself to deal with behaviours. Confidence to walk him again”. Thanks to Jasons advice, insight, and support, I’m able to take him out around a busy walking route, deal with reactive behaviour confidently, and enjoy my time with my dog.” Shenna, Bolton

“I now became more confident to tackle my Apollo. Saw positive results within a month. Thanks Jason for your help and support!” Bhavana, Manchester

“We had a few issues that needed addressing with our pup…and within the first 30 minutes of Jasons visit… we saw light at the end of the tunnel. There was lots of advice and demonstrations that we have taken on board… and are working well. The emails are really helpful and can be looked back over for reminders etc. The main thing is to be consistent with all the advice and guidance off Jason… which can be difficult at times when life gets busy. But when you do and you see it working with your pup… it’s the best thing. And to know Jason is on hand for any extra tips is really helpful. Thanks Jason” , Karen, Shaw

“As soon as Jason walked through the door I felt at ease knowing he would be able to sort some of the unwanted behaviours that Henry (our collie) started to display. Henry engaged immediately with Jason and the training techniques were clear and straightforward. After only one session I felt I was able to put them into practice. Henry has now become a much improved dog, however if we have any further problems I would not hesitate to contact Jason. I can’t recommend Jason enough, he really is a dog whisperer!” Natalie, Bolton

“I was very impressed with your service Jason. You have really helped myself to understand Bella. All the emails you have sent me have been really helpful. I have printed them off so i can refer back if needed. I would most certainly recommend you to friends as you are very thorough in everything you have done to help me train Bella, she is getting there but is very stubborn at times but im confident that with your expert help Bella will grow up to be a well behaved member of my family, so thankyou for all your help and support that you have given me over the last few months.” Elaine, Euxton

“I was at my wit’s end before Jason came for a session with our dog. He explained her behaviour and why she was pulling all the time and lunging at everyone. He was very patient with us and the dog. I feel confident that we can help our dog to start to de stress. It won’t happen overnight but Jason has lifted a dark cloud over our heads. Would recommend him!” Tracey, Heptonstall

“Simple, straightforward and brilliant training! Highly recommended…. life changing for us and Rory! Following Jason’s training, we are now able to walk our large deerhound lurcher relaxed and with enjoyment. Previously, it became a nightmare. Rory is 12 months old, tall and strong and his previous behaviour with other dogs was a serious cause for concern. He is friendly but almost pulled us over in the presence of other dogs and would start barking. Very intimidating for other dogs and owners. Now, we have all learnt that Rory was anxious and unsure thus the behaviour. Using Jason’s techniques, now we are able walk Rory with ‘training moments’ that benefit us all. The stress has gone and even if he has an occasional slip back, we’ve learnt and so has Rory, that it can quickly be corrected both on and off lead. Rory is much happier now and we feel so much more confident. The follow up emails are really helpful too which you can refer to when needed. We’ve learnt so much about dog behaviour and the signals they give and how they communicate with each other… and us! Lots to learn after the actual session. Jason has a calm, friendly manner in delivering his training. He is very approachable and bolsters your confidence… Never makes you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. Just helpful, clear and demonstrated training instructions. Would recommend Jason every time! Thanks Jason from us all!” Maggie, Todmorden

“Jason arrived on my doorstep and training was immediate for me and my Rottie. I’ve not been able to take my dog for a walk for some time. The night before his arrival, Jason checked in with me and said that we would be out walking and meeting other dogs with my dog Rocco. I was both anxious and excited. In the time he was here, we walked Rocco and met dogs, people, horse and sheep, and all the while Rocco was just fine. Jason pointing out all the signals to look for whilst Rocco was communicating how he was feeling. It was an emotional walk, seeing my gentle giant having a lovely time and in such relaxed manner.
The next day and every day since, I have had the confidence to get out and walk my Rottie. Its only just been a week, but already the difference has meant so much to me and to Rocco the Rottie.” Diane, Burnley

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