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I Cant Believe the Difference in Blue’s behaviour. After only 1 session with you and less than a week following your advice! He’s like a different dog. Thank you, Jason 🙂

Follow Up:

Our lurcher Blue was impossible to control off the lead, until his session with Jason. Blue took to Jason & his techniques straight away! We can now go out for walks when & where ever we want to go, with the confidence that Blue will be well behaved & respond to our commands.

Until our session, I did not feel confident that Blue could be left for any periods of time alone unless he was crated. Now I can happily leave him with the run of the house & he will not misbehave. He has also improved with his travel sickness & although he still has lots of energy to burn off, Blue is a much more calmer dog & well behaved!
My friends & family could not believe the difference in Blue after only one much needed session with Jason – Don’t get me wrong Blue is still a work in progress, but by carrying on with everything Jason taught us do with Blue & using the simple techniques, we are now getting full enjoyment out each other. 
If your at your wits end with an unruly dog, as we were – my husband & myself highly recommend a session with Jason – worth every penny 🙂 Louise, Glossop

We got our dog Zak at five months old, and had trouble with taking him for walks, he would pull towards other dogs and growl and bark, it was really frustrating for us and Zak, we and other people thought he was an aggressive dog.

We started looking for a behaviour trainer and I found Jason, to say that Zak has changed is an understatement, thanks to Jason we found he was not aggressive, but didn’t know how to meet dogs, he now is a pleasure to walk and today with Jason he walked and played with Jason’s dog in the park for a hour and a half, as well as learning to meet other dogs.

Jason has also helped me with my confidence as I was part of the problem, although Zak is still a work in progress along with me, we know that how far Zak has come is down to Jason and his training techniques,he has taught us how to understand Zak, and how to correct him, his training is I found invaluable, and know that if we have anymore problems we can contact him.

Thank you Jason. Geraldine, Chadderton

Jason was very positive and reassuring, I had lots of questions about my dogs behaviour, and he answered them all with clear advice.  There was so much information that I was worried I wouldn’t remember it all, but the follow up service was fantastic. Rachel, Bolton

From the first moment we spoke to Jason on the telephone he gave us re-assurance that we could in fact “get”Molly into shape!and with his guidance this has happened, most of the problems are under control and improving day by day.(nice to come back from shopping and find the kitchen intact.)Thankyou so much Jason ,we will keep up the good work .Regards Jean and Jack and Molly. Walsden

Me and storm are very grateful for all the help you gave us, i wanted to test how far he has come in the past few weeks. I am pleased to say that when i took him on a sponsored walk with a few work colleagues on Sunday he was very well behaved with other dogs on and off leads. A Siberian husky female came on the walk with us and they got along great walking side by side, playing together off their leads and relaxing no problems.
Would just like to say a huge thank you for all your help and the change you have made it is much appreciated. Bernie, Newton Heath

Thanks Jason, we all enjoyed our session with you. Finn is already much calmer and better behaved. We really like your philosophy and approach – all very calm, relaxed, gentle and positive – just what we, and Finn, needed.

My husband was a bit cynical when I booked you ( he won’t mind me saying this) but he was completely won over and hasn’t stopped saying how brilliant he thought you were!

We can’t actually believe just how much calmer and better behaved Finn is -we’ve hardly even had to use some of the techniques as I think he got the idea pretty quickly when you were here – the walking on a lead without pulling might take a bit longer to perfect but I know we’ll get there! Your advice just made so much sense – the two hour session has made more difference to Finn’s behaviour and our confidence than weeks of dog training classes. Thanks again – Eithne, Finn and family, Todmorden

“Jason helped me with advice for all the problems I had with tom and gave me the tools to build on. He was very helpful and friendly and clearly has a great love for the dogs and his training.” John, Swinton

“From the word “GO”, the 2 hour session was a complete 120 minutes of practical learning for us and continuous reward based interaction with the dogs. The session followed a logical progression from the 1st hello & dog calming with ongoing explanation and teaching points for us the owners.

At all times Jason’s voice was calm & mellow & encouraging. The dogs were allowed to approach in their own time & once they were reassured, they became so responsive & wanting to please. Jason went out walking with Stuart & the dogs showing him how to help the dogs cope with each unsettling happening involving meeting other pedestrians & other dogs.

The dogs quickly came to understand what was being asked of them because Jason understands how dogs are naturally “wired” to react & respond to the world around them. His knowledge of canine body language helps to spot potential fear or aggression reactions in order to immediately put in place the appropriate strategy to head off negative behaviour responses & turn the situation into a positive & rewarding experience instead.
So much was taught & demonstrated that we were worried we wouldn’t remember it all but, just as Jason had promised, we received (the very same evening!) written feedback with a wealth of relevant links to videos & articles. Jason also sent us email poster attachments about dog communication & body language for us to print off.
Jason assures us that we can call him if we had any queries. We had already started spending money on different leads, head halters, dvd’s and behavioural books, which often gave conflicting advice and the pictures gave just a snap in time but did not really illustrate the minute of the process.

We learnt so much in just 2 hours with Jason and were SHOWN strategies on a 1-2-1 basis which were specific to our dogs, us & worked out in real life, actually happening situations in our own home & neighbourhood. At the rate we were buying equipment & books we would soon have spent much much more than our personal session with Jason cost !
With Jason we saw immediate desirable behaviour  responses which, with time, patience & practice of the strategies Jason taught us, will become permanent.
Thanks Jason – a great time was had by all. The session was worth every penny ☆” Sue, Rochdale

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