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Puppy Training Home Visits are vital for all people planning on getting a new dog.

There is so much to know about what has to be done in a puppy’s first few months of life to help it become a well mannered balanced dog in the future.

Unfortunately this kind of advice is not readily available from all veterinarians and breeders, due to this not many new dog owners realise when to start puppy training.

Most new dog owners will go and get a new puppy at 8 weeks of age and not take it out until 12 weeks of age, and then smoother it with cuddles and attention for another 2 months or so.

Then all of a sudden the puppy becomes an adolescent dog and its behaviour changes for the worse.

Did you know that what your dog learns in its first 16 weeks of its life can have a significant input into the rest of its life?

Did you know that puppy socialisation needs to be done by 24 weeks of age? That is only 16 weeks after you would normally get your new puppy!

Do you know what you need to do in this 8 to 16 week period sets your dog up for the rest of its life?

If you do not know the answers to the above 3 statements give me a call and we can arrange a puppy training home visit.

You will learn everything you need to know about how to guide your new four legged friend in the right direction.

You will also receive a written plan of action giving you definite tasks that need to be done as well as ideas that will also help your new puppy too.

Most people bring a new puppy into their home as they are fun to be around and they are great companions.

Dogs can live well over the age of 10 years depending on the breed, so why not prepare yourself beforehand and have a happy 10 years plus with your new dog.

Most dogs that have not been given the correct socialisation and habituation and do not receive any basic training can and may develop behaviour problems due to frustration, lack of being understood by the owner, and mainly the owner not understanding the dog.

Give your new dog a chance and discover easy proven methods that will help you and your puppy from the start.

I cover all the North West region, plus North Derbyshire, Merseyside and West Yorkshire.

Call me now on:

my mobile 07843 593613

Alternatively you can contact me by email by clicking in the above envelope (top right corner of your screen) or via the contact form on the contact me page to start changing our dog’s behaviour.

If a visit isn’t what your after and you just need some easy advice to follow. This might be of use to you: 30 Day Puppy Plan

I look forward to speaking to you and helping both you and your dog.

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