Dog Biting

Dog behaviour problems can arise from many different reasons. Now a dog problem is basically a behaviour that you class as unwanted, like jumping up at visitors, barking constantly, biting dogs or humans etc.

These problems need to be addressed in a calm, kind and humane way through understanding how the problem has started to happen, what has caused the behaviour to start, what the symptoms and signs are and how to actually cure the problem in a suitable manner through positive reinforcement training methods.

I am a dog behaviourist and trainer that deals with many problem dog behaviours on a daily basis, and through using quality proven science based positive techniques you and your dog both learn together. I help change and resolve the unwanted dog behaviour while training you too which helps prevent the behaviour from arising again in the future.

If you have a dog that is causing you problems feel free to contact me to start solving your dog’s problem before it gets worse.

 Give me a call me now and ask for Jason on 

0800 083 5849 or 07843 593613  

Or email me via the contact me page

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