Due to what happened throughout 2020 going through 2021 professional development was done in a different way as normally workshops, seminars etc are attended to keep moving forward in this industry.

But due to the Covid situation these were unable to be attended, so webinars were the way forward for continued learning.

Below is a list of webinars I attended for continued personal development within the canine industry:

Who Controls The Training Session – You or The Animal? – Dr. Karonlina Westlund (Nov 2020)

This was discussing the improving welfare when training and also listening to what is being said verbal and non verbal to help listen and train a dog that is being worked with, and knowing the best way to interact for the training required.

Adolescent Behaviour – Engae The Brain, Reduce The Pain! – Sarah Fisher (Nov 2020)

This covered the biological process and periods of a dog and the misunderstandings that happen due to owners not recognising this period which can create conflict within the relationship between dog and owner.

The Role Of Nutrition On Behaviour – Dr. Conor Brady (Nov 2020)

This webinar covered how various topics relating to processed foods which can impact on training in dogs and how the gut has a part to play in unwanted behaviours.

An Introduction To The Science Of Canine Olfaction – Dr. Nathan Hall (Nov 2020)

This webinar covered different myths about the canine olfactory system. Covering sensitivity, Breed differences and odour mixture perception.

Your Essential Toolkit for working with KIDS! – Justine Schuurmans (Feb 2021)

This webinar covered with working with dogs and helping kids understand more and involving them in training.

Successful Vet Visits – Dr Lynn Honeckman (Feb 2021)

This webinar covered how to keep dogs destressed when visiting a vets and how vets can help when dealing with dogs.

Working with Clients with Mobility Impairments – Veronica Sanchez (Feb 2021)

When SECs Happen: Proactive Handling for Sudden Environmental Contrasts – Mike Shikashio (Feb 2021)

This webinar covered how to handle different situations that can be encountered when working with a dog and how to calmly deal with the situations.

Management or Training? – Kay Laurence (March 2021)

You Had Me at Sniff: Dog-Dog Interactions (Dog Body Language) – Suzanne Clothier (March 2021)

It Takes a Village. The Team Approach to Treating Emotional Disorders in Dogs – Dr. Lisa Radosta (March 2021)

Rebranding and Resetting to be Future Ready – Coleen Ellis (March 2021)

Goals: Achieving a Rock-Solid Relationship with Your Dog – Laurie Williams (June 2021)

What Not to Pair: Changing the Value of Reinforcers & Punishers – Kathy Sdao (August 2021)

Foundation Training Skills to Prepare Dogs for Future Learning after Adoption – Emily Larlham (August 2021)

‘Owner’ versus GUARDIAN: How Changing the Language Changes the Experience – Dr Lisa Ackerman (August 2021)

Power of Predictability – Sara McLoudrey (August 2021)

Science Rocks! What one little dog taught a professional animal trainer about counter conditioning – Peta Clarke (August 2021)

Emotion, Arousal and Impulse Control in Working Dogs – Jane Ardern (September 2021)

Using Behavior Analysis to Analyze Behavior, Part I: A Data-Taking Perspective -Dr. Eduardo J. Fernandez (September 2021)

Introducing the Foundations of Interactive Toy Play -Craig Ogilvie (September 2021)

Can Individual Handler Styles Dictate Our Training Methods? -Dr. Robert Hewings (September 2021)

The Neurobiology of Fear: How an Understanding of it Can Help Inform Our Training Choices -Dr. Kathy Murphy (September 2021)

Behavior Differences in Deaf and/or Visually Impaired Dogs -Dr. Morag Heirs (September 2021)

The Science of Separation Anxiety -Dr. Kristina Spaulding (September 2021)

Puppy Problem or Pathology? When Do Puppy Behavior Concerns Require Medical Attention? -Dr. Lynn Honeckman (September 2021)

Canine Welfare: How Do We Measure It and What Can We Learn -Dr. Lisa Gunter (September 2021)

“No! That’s MY Owner!” Helping Dogs that Fight over Their Owner -Mike Shikashio (September 2021)

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