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My name is Jason Devereux and I am dog behaviourist based in Rochdale, Lancashire. I cover all aspects of unwanted dog behaviour and help correct problems through kind, friendly, proven science based methods.

I am able to understand a dog’s body language and how they communicate which helps when helping to change their behaviour for the better. I am insured and registered through the INTO Dogs association (INTO Dogs) and I am also an associate member of the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE), plus a member of the Pet Professional Guild of Trainers (PPG). I hold a certificate in canine psychology.

To maintain that I provide up to date effective methods and service, I am constantly improving my knowledge and Training. At the present moment I am completing my Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management. I also attend many seminars and training events from well known individuals within the dog training community. I have had the pleasure of learning from Turid Rugaas (March 2011) (From the dog’s point of view, 2 day seminar) who is well known worldwide for her work on calming signals (Dog communication).

Jason Devereux

I have also been able to learn from Dr. Ian Dunbar PHD (April 2011) (Predict & prevent adolescent behaviour & training problems, 1 day seminar. Lure/reward training for reliable off lead control, 1 day seminar. Canine aggression: Fighting, 1 day seminar) who is a leading dog behaviourist, trainer and veterinarian who developed the lure reward training process. He also developed the first socialisation and off lead training class in 1982.

I have also attended a day’s seminar (Problem Solving) with well respected trainer Winkie Spiers (October 2011) who is also chairwoman of the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE).

I have also had the pleasure of attending an evening with Victoria Stilwell (December 2011) which was discussing types of training methods and how to handle dogs in specific ways. A week later I also attended a 2 day seminar with Dr. Roger Abrantes PHD (December 2011), who is a leading lecturer on animal behaviour through the ethology institute Cambridge. He has written at the time of typing this, 17 books on animal behaviour and his PHD is in evolutionary biology. He is regarding as one of the leading animal professionals within the world, and the 2 day seminar I attended and learnt from was entitled “The brave new world of dog training: Science with a brain and a heart“.

In April 2012 I attended a T-Touch workshop with Rachel Jackson. This was a one day workshop where I learned various T-Touch techniques to help with my dogs, though the main reason was to find out and understand the benefits of how it helps aid and rehabilitate dogs with behaviour problems. In June 2012 I had the pleasure of attending a 2 day seminar in Edinburgh with Marc Bekoff PHD who is a former Professor of Ecology and a well known Evolutionary Biologist and also an author of many books on animal emotions.

Jason Devereux Dog Trainer

With dog law sometimes catching the headlines due to various cases attracting attention now and then, dog professionals need to know about the law and how it works. Many of us professionals learn this through qualifications that have a section or module on the law, though I wanted to know more about the subject. So to do this I attended a seminar at the beginning of July 2012 with Trevor Cooper who is one of the UK’s top solicitors who covers dog law. This gave me extra knowledge on how the law works regarding dogs and who is responsible for dealing with these laws plus how it effects certain situations.

In the Middle of July 2012 I attended a 4 day seminar with Dr. Ian Dunbar again covering puppy training, adult dog training and off lead puppy classes under his Sirius Dog Training Academy. This was a useful seminar to help add more tools and experience to my toolbox when dealing with dogs of all ages and problems.

My final seminar of 2012 was in November when I attended a 2 day seminar with Leading American trainer Grisha Stewart. She was covering her BAT (Behaviour Adjustment Training) for puppies through to adult dogs: Prevention and rehabilitation of aggression, fear and frustration. This was a great insight into how Grisha trains dogs through reading their communication and fits in to what I believe in as a trainer and how I like to work with dogs.

In 2013 I appeared on the Alison Butterworth Late night BBC Lancashire radio show discussing various dog topics with Alison and callers to the show. Again in Early February 2014 I appeared on the show again, this time covering Lancashire and also Manchester regions discussing various topics including dog behaviour and training.

November 2014 I attended a seminar with Helen Zulch who has a scientific background with dogs and works at the University of Lincoln. The seminar was covering Life Skills For Puppies.

In June 2018 I attended a 2 day seminar with Brenda Aloff, covering “Canine Body Language“. Brenda has over 30 years knowledge of Canine behaviour and is an accomplished author. So it was of great benefit.

November 2018 I attended a 1 day seminar “Understanding, Managing and Modifying problem behaviours” with Chirag Patel. At the time of the seminar Chirag has been working within the behaviour field for around 18 years and is well respected within this line of work.

In June 2019 I attended a Weekend With Dr. Clive Wynne and Dr. Lisa Gunter who are Animal Behavioural Scientists covering the latest understanding in emotion and cognition in dogs and also the latest research on dogs going in and coming out of rescue centre’s.

Then in September 2019 I attended a seminar with Emma Parsons from America, who had come through the Karen Pryer Clicker Academy. In this seminar she was covering Healing The Reactive/Aggressive Dog. This was showing alternative ways of helping dogs who are reactive/aggressive to other dogs.

In 2020 personal professional development has been harder due to the Covid situation and so webinars were undertaken through learning from various other professionals within the canine related industry. As there is too many to mention, I have created another page to check out my continued learning at this time. You can find out about my webinars attended by clicking here.

My aim is to keep providing the best training to both dogs and owners, and to do this I believe you cannot sit still in this occupation as we learn more about dogs on a daily basis. We now know what communication signals they have, what stress signs they show, so if we can keep learning how to understand them, the world will be a brighter place for dogs and owners worldwide.

I have worked with dogs for many years and I have a calm, approachable manner which helps when dealing with dog behaviour problems. I also have one dog of my own still at the moment.

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