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Here Are Some More testimonials:

“I have had Benji since May and before Jason came to see us Benji never slept in the day but now has naps throughout the day.

I couldn’t take Benji out for walks but now I can. Jason is very easy to get in touch with and give me advice if I need it. Jason is an amazing behaviourist and I would recommend him to anyone.

I couldn’t believe the difference in Benji even after the first session. He was much calmer, I find the emails I have received from Jason very helpful and always look at them everyday.” Erica, Kettlethorpe

“Jason was really good at teaching us how to deal with charlie’s barking. He was professional and caring towards my dog.” Jane, Pendlebury

“Needed help from Jason regarding my dogs issue with wanting to chase and attack cars and other fearful behaviour. Jason immediately understood my dogs problems and was able to clearly communicate to us how to help him with his issues. With Jason’s training tips and further emails and videos my dog has changed loads and is now a pleasure to walk. I would definitely recommend Simply Dog Behaviour for your dog. Thanks Jason.” Paula, Failsworth

“Jason is very professional and quickly won the trust of our rescue dog. In the time he was at our home he worked with us and our dog and even during one visit Tara showed progress. He explained what to do clearly and gave the reasons why the training would work. He motivated us to work with Tara, a rescue dog, and it was a very informative and enjoyable experience.” Iris, Rose Hill

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