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Here Are some more testimonials that I have received:

“Friendly personable dog trainer who understood our needs and was able to supply the tools to correct our and dogs issues.” Anne, Tyldesley

“Jason came to see us because we had got a rescue Shih Tzu who had a few problems probably due to his past life. One was aggression and he gave great advice on how to deal with this and our little dog has changed so much with easy to use techniques. He also had problems meeting other dogs on our walks and he explained what to do and now he walks up to dogs without the stress he was obviously feeling before. I would definitely recommend Jason to anyone experiencing problems and the follow up emails with all the good advice have also been extremely useful.” Marion, Chorley

“Jason’s initial behaviour consultation was brilliant. It was so obvious that he really understands how dogs think. All the emails have been first class and have been an enormous training aid for us. We and our dog are understanding each other more each day. Our dog is still young and the training is ongoing but many initial difficulties have been overcome. We feel happy in the knowledge that with continued effort from us our dog will discontinue any unwanted behaviour. Thank you for everything Jason” Kath, Hollingworth

“Jason certainly knows his stuff. His way of training both your dog and you is easy going and friendly and a pleasure to experience.The back up support is reassuring to have.I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone who is having problems with their dogs behaviour.” Steve, Linnyshaw

“Jason was professional from start to finish he was on time prepared and did exactly what he said he was going to do afterwards. We found the videos and emails useful and the assessment of Mitch our dog. I have spoken to Jason since to gain some more ideas would recommend him to anyone. It’s also clear to see he loves dogs and shows excellent insight into their Behaviour’s.” Sharon, Astley

“From the very first phone call with Jason, his approach was professional, clear to understand and efficient. We have learnt so much more about Billy’s behavioural characteristics and how best to react to them. The ‘time out’ practice received almost instance results and the emphasis on a dog’s motivation being driven by food has attracted a positive outcome. Having an appreciation of your dog’s thoughts has given us the motivation to react in accordance with their mood, resulting in a much calmer dog.” Mark, Thackley

“Before Jason came I was losing confidence in our Bull Terrier, fearing he may be suffering aggression. Jason not only re-assured me but helped me understand the body language of him. From there on we have stuck to the training and Billy is responding really well. Unfortunately a cruciate ligament knocked his progress back a bit, having to make a few visits to the vets and resulting in surgery. At least I was able to re-assure him and get him to calm down in dog language. I have learnt so much and can read his actions so much better now.” Lesley, Bradford

“Jason helped us to understand how our 5 year old dog talks to us. Giving tips that had a immediate impact. As new dog owners Jason put us at ease as how our dog is part of our family and understood about not being overly strict with the dog. Ie how our dog sleeps on the bed Clear to see how much Jason is a dog lover” Stephen, Shawclough, Rochdale 

“We were so stressed because of our dogs bad behaviour that we were honestly considering rehoming him. Jason visited and in all honesty when he pointed out most of Taz’s bad behaviour was because of our lack of knowledge about dealing with this breed. We have put all the training into place and now have a happier dog and as his owners we are definitely happier. We are still working on some issues but are so grateful that Jason has given us the help we needed to help our dog”. Elaine, Westhoughton

“Contacted Jason after a recommendation from a work colleague. Jason was very friendly and supportive and flexed his diary to get us an early consultation with our new rescue dog. The sessions were helpful and interactive and certainly provided a strong platform from which we could continue the training of Stanley. It is an ongoing task and we are not at the finish line yet but with Jason’s help we are certainly going in the right direction.” Anthony, Salford

“I enjoyed the sessions with Jason and Missy. I could see difference in her. The hardest part is just sticking to it.” Abdul, Busk, Chadderton

“Jason helped us to realise the undesirable behaviour our dog was showing was actually down to our lack of knowledge. Since he visited and using the advice given we now have a happier better behaved dog which in turn means a happier more relaxed house. We still have a way to go but couldn’t be happier with the advice and tips we have been given. I would recommend Simply Dog Behaviour to anyone, he actually took us from contemplating rehoming to living in harmony together.” Elaine, Bolton

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